G4ZFQ - Amateur Radio, Propagation monitoring, Notes regarding associated items eg. G3SKY, Locator Maps, GPS Frequency Standards, Computer techniques.

    16 March 2017  Some pages I hope will be of use to someone - nothing fancy - just  information about my mainly radio related activities. 

My construction of a Cobwebb style compact 5 band antenna. March 2007 with updates.                                         

Softrocks and SDR, a large page with links covering most aspects covering the many years of development. Also the  Si570, a programmable oscillator providing a reasonable substitute for a VFO This is used in Softrocks and other projects.

Softrock SDRs Index, Setup, Software, Faultfinding. http://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/home

Propagation Research SpecLab Recordings to Investigate Sunrise/sunset propagation enhancement. "Greyline" Index Page.  Continuing from June 2014 here https://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/greyline_charts  Latest recordings. Includes Excel charts of reception and a list of grayline propagation recordings made over the last 6 years.

 Isle of Wight Locator/WAB maps, notes on use of GPS. 

The Isle of Wight Radio Society     IOWRS Facebook  My old site below. Note the Club is at Haylands Farm. 

Archive:-  www.qsl.net/g3sky The Isle of Wight Radio Society  This is the old G3SKY web site. I keep the basic information as up to date as I can. It holds lots of old records, newsletters and information including exactly how to find us!

FT847 Audio interface for data.

Timed switching operations via the LPT, parallel port. I could not find anything to act as a simple programmed timer so did this...November 2011 a simpler way that works with XP, not sure about later versions of Windows.

Notes about "Chirpview" another monitoring program and GPS modules. Notes about "Chirpview", using it to make ionograms. Notes about GPS units for timing and frequency measurement.

 My Home at Cowes         Maybe I'll get round to updating this sometime! Probably not, written year 2000......

 If anything on any of my pages interests you, take another look some time. I never finish anything in one go, putting things aside until I get another inspiration, so these pages can never be considered finished! Sorry if pages are missing, I've only got 10MB here.

Available if required:-

UK 60 metre beacons, monitoring techniques and equipment, real time internet updates, soundcards, computer time keeping. SpecLab recordings

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